Global Green Tea Provider

Sateon Vietnam is the only authentic Japanese green tea grower producer in Vietnam. We are the leading companay in the industry of production and supply of Matcha green tea and Sencha green tea since its first opening in 2014. Being famous for innovation, consistent quality and safety, Satoen together with Satoen Japan utilize many years of experience to establish a proprietary process from selecting tea tree, planting, carting, to producing in order to provide the best quality Japanese green tea to consumers. We are supplying Matcha green tea and Sencha green tea to our business partners who are the largest Food and Beverage in Vietnam and in Asia; as well as many café chains and F&B business in Vietnam, Asia and globally.

Different types of Matcha Green Tea and Sencha Green Tea.

Being the leader in the industry, Satoen Vietnam proudly produces successfully different types of Matcha Green Tea and Sencha Green Tea that serves well for Food and Beverage Industry, for Nutrition and other applications. Satoen Vietnam can produce different products tailored-made for each client. With bright green color, mid flavor of tea and health benefits affects; Matcha and Sencha Green Tea by Satoen Vietnam is safe and clean raw tea. We never stop developing the quality, flavor and nutrition value of all products in order to bring benefits to consumers both in health and fresh mind.

There are 2 types of Satoen Vietnam Green Tea:

  • Premium: 100% Green Tea are collected in Spring
  • Special: 100% Green Tea are collected in Summer and Autumn.
  • Tailored made products: Satoen Vietnam can produce with specific orders and recipes from Clients.

Consistent Quality.

One of Satoen Vietnam's goals is to provide consistent quality of Matcha and Sencha Green Tea throughout the year, and develop year after year. Currently, the quality of Satoen Vietnam's Matcha and Sencha Green Tea is decided by two experts from Satoen Japan, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in this field. They carefully evaluate and blend the Tencha tea leaves before grinding to ensure consistent quality of the Matcha varieties, regardless of the harvest season.

International Certificate.

Satoen Vietnam is a Matcha and Sencha Green Tea production company that has achieved international certifications such as GLOBAL G.A.P, HACCP, HALAL. By gaining global recognition, customers of Satoen Vietnam have the opportunity to sell products with “High Quality, Safety” all over the world.

Quality Control.

Satoen Vietnam constantly strives to improve product quality. Every step of the production process is carefully monitored and recorded as part of our commitment to transparency.

Satoen Vietnam undergoes annual inspections by third-parties and holds numerous international certifications for our pure Matcha and Sencha green teas. These certifications include: GLOBAL G.A.P; HACCP and HALAL.

Producing Capacity

With many advantages such as:

  • Large tea garden area, with more than 51ha specializing in planting Japanese tea trees. Harvest 5 crops per year, each 1ha yield 5 tons/crop.
  • Large capacity factory with modern technology and production line, located right in the center of the tea garden.
  • Green tea production line with 2 tons of raw materials/day.
  • Matcha tea production line with 2.5 tons of raw materials/day.
  • High-end FUSO tea bag packing machine, with a capacity of 50 bags/minute.
  • Product quality is monitored by experts from Japan with over 20 years of experience.