At Satoen Vietnam, we produce the following 3 types of Houjicha Tea:

1. Special Houjicha Tea

2. Special Houjicha Tea Bag

3. Special Houjicha Tea Powder

Tea classification of Satoen Vietnam?

Want to drink green tea but don’t like the green flavor? Or want to get the benefits of tea minus the high caffeine content? Try houjicha.

What is Houjicha?

Houjicha is a type of tea roasted from Japanese green tea. It was first made in Kyoto about 100 years ago. Houjicha is made from the same tea plant as regular green tea. However, unlike typical green tea, houjicha has no green botanical flavor. Houjicha is only made from low-quality Japanese green teas, mainly by roasting bancha, sencha, or kukicha green tea leaves. Roasting changes the color of the tea leaves, the aroma and the chemical composition of the tea. That's one of the reasons why Houjicha may have a lower caffeine content than other green teas and it's a great choice for afternoon tea or evening tea. Houjicha tea leaves are reddish brown, the juice of the tea is orange red. It is mainly available as loose leaf tea or ground into a fine powder.

Does Houjicha have caffeine?

Houjicha has less caffeine than other green teas for two main reasons. First, roasting changes the chemical composition of the tea and potentially reduces the caffeine content. Second, the most common type of houjicha is made with more mature tea leaves picked at the end of the season. These leaves have less caffeine than the first or second harvested young leaves and buds. That means different types of houjicha tea will also have different caffeine content. For example, tea roasted from sencha may have more caffeine than tea roasted from bancha or kukicha. Expect about 20-50% less caffeine than in a cup of sencha.

What does Houjicha tea taste like?

Houjicha has a very aromatic taste with roasted nuts, slightly sweet and woody notes and caramel aroma. Tea leaves can be lightly roasted, medium roasted or dark roasted. The darker the tea leaves, the stronger the roasted flavor. It's usually light, especially if it's made from bancha. Houjicha can sometimes turn bitter if you brew it too thoroughly, but it's much easier to prepare than other green teas. Houjicha made from sencha can sometimes be more natural astringent. If you like black teas or roasted olong teas, then houjicha tea could be a great tea for you.

How to make Houjicha tea?

Make Houjicha tea using at least 2g of tea per cup. If you like a stronger flavor, add 1g more tea. Boil water and let cool to 90°C. If you are using cold water, steep the tea leaves longer. Houjicha can generally tolerate high temperatures very well. The best teapot for making houjicha is the Japanese enameled teapot. Heat the teapot and cup by pouring boiled water in and pouring it out. Then put the tea in the teapot. Do not forget to enjoy the passionate aroma of tea leaves in the heated teapot. It will help you understand and appreciate the wonderful aroma of this tea. Pour hot water over the tea leaves and steep for at least 45 seconds, but no longer than a minute and a half. Houjicha loose leaf tea is very suitable for cold brewing and milk tea.

Benefits of drinking Houjicha Tea?

Although the roasting process changes the chemical composition of Houjicha tea, studies show it still has a very high antioxidant activity, even higher than that of oolong or black tea. This makes Houjicha tea one of the best teas if you want to enjoy the health benefits of green tea, but don't like the fresh botanical flavor or need to avoid too much caffeine.

What are the most popular types of Houjicha tea?

  • Houjicha is made of bancha with tea leaves that are usually older and more mature.
  • Houjicha is made of sencha with young tea leaves and a stronger flavor.

There are many other types of Houjicha tea available today. For example, Kaga Boucha or roasted Gyokuro Kukicha tea or even roasted Tencha tea leaves. Alternatively, you can make your own Houjicha tea by roasting Kukicha, Sencha or Bancha at home.

Want to try a truly unique rare blend? Special Houjicha by Satoen Vietnam is one of those rare teas that blends two very different types of green tea into a harmoniously balanced and refreshing blend.